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At The Wright Firm, LLC, every day we talk to people who are facing the possibility of a criminal conviction and serious penalties. We talk to people facing serious, life-changing accusations such as DWI, drug crimes, sexual assault and other serious charges. We work hard to give our clients’ the best chance of achieving a good outcome. More importantly, we work smart. Intelligent preparation is the key to success. In a criminal case, every piece of evidence is potentially significant. When your attorney knows what to look for, it can mean the difference between success and failure.

With more than 20 years of experience, Clinton Wright works hard and works smart on every case. Further, we take a team approach to defending our clients against all types of criminal allegations. We work with experts when necessary to prove our clients’ cases or disprove the government’s case.

Creve Coeur Criminal Defense Attorney Taking On All Types Of Cases

Some defense lawyers believe it is in their clients’ best interests to be brash and aggressive. At The Wright Firm, LLC, we take a different approach. We find that cases are won and lost based on the quality of the arguments and the evidence, not on who yells the loudest. Of course, we can be tough when we need to be, but most times, our sincerity and preparation are key.

A Law Firm With The Resources To Handle The Toughest Cases

A significant portion of our firm’s work involves defending people accused of complex white collar crimes and felonies. These allegations are particularly challenging, and can involve millions of pages of documents. Your lawyer must have the ability and experience to review and understand these documents. At The Wright Firm, LLC, we have meaningful experience taking on these types of cases, and are able to present a strong defense to these and other cases.

Every case is different. In many cases, the best possible outcome is a plea agreement that reduces the charges. Not because we have given in to the state, quite the opposite. The best approach for the most favorable resolution is to prepare for trial. When you take that approach two things happen; 1) You are ready for trial – never to be caught off guard. 2) The first full investigation conducted by anyone is handled by us rather than those accusing you. I may be able to find flaws in the government’s case that leads to a dismissal. In other cases, we may go to trial. The bottom line is, every time I accept a case, my goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for my client. – Clinton Wright

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We offer a free telephone consultation to discuss your situation. Call 314-899-2599 to get started. You can also complete our online contact form. Based in the St. Louis area, we defend people in state and federal courts across Missouri.

St. Louis Criminal Defense Lawyer

The lawyer you select to represent you can make a major difference in the outcome of your case. At The Wright Firm, LLC, we represent people from all walks of life against all types of criminal charges in courts across Missouri.A substantial portion of our firm’s work involves defending people against life-changing criminal accusations, such as:

  • White collar crimes: In addition to the serious criminal penalties, white collar crimes can cause serious damage to a person’s reputation. Our law firm is ready to take decisive action in state or federal court against these charges.
  • Violent crimes: Whether you were charged with domestic violence, assault or another serious allegation, attorney Clinton Wright will examine the evidence and argue powerfully on your behalf.
  • Sex crimes: A conviction for a sex crime will change your life in ways you cannot begin to imagine. We will do everything we can within the bounds of the law to protect your rights.
  • Drug crimes: Our law firm will fully investigate the allegations against you in order to find the weaknesses in the government’s case.

While many of our clients do face felony charges or other serious charges, we also defend people against all types of crimes. We know that to our clients, every criminal accusation is a potentially life-changing event. When you hire our law firm for any type of charge, know that we will devote our very best efforts to achieving a positive outcome.

  • DWI/DUI defense: A drunk driving conviction will negatively impact your life in all kinds of ways. Our law firm takes on all types of DWI charges, including felony DWI. We will fight to protect your right to drive in the administrative hearing and against the underlying criminal charge.
  • Property crimes: Our law firm defends people facing all types of property crimes, including theft, burglary and robbery.
  • Traffic offenses: Even minor offenses can lead to the accumulation of points under Missouri law. If you get too many points over a certain period of time, your license could be suspended. Our law firm will help you fight these allegations.
  • Criminal appeals: Even if you were found guilty at trial, you still have the right to pursue an appeal. We prepare appeals for people who have been found guilty in state and federal courts. We will scour the record to find the errors of law or fact made by the judge and make a strong case to the appellate court that you should have a new trial.

If you have been accused of a crime, any crime, the important thing to remember is that the sooner you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer on board, the sooner he or she can begin gathering the evidence. St. Louis criminal defense lawyer Clinton Wright will work tirelessly to protect your rights during this challenging time.

Do Not Delay. Call The Wright Firm, LLC, Today.

Call 314-899-2599 or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our law firm.

Do Not Delay. Call The Wright Firm, LLC, Today.

Call 314-899-2599 or complete our online contact form to schedule a FREE consultation with our law firm.
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